I'm Andrea

AI Developer 🤖


About me

Hi, I am a master degree student of Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Automation at the University of Udine. In my spare time I enjoy learning web development on my own. In fact, I recently worked on a research project, which you can find more details about in the Research section, which combines Machine Learning with Web Development to solve a real world problem. Ideally, these are the kind of tasks I would love to work on in the future, leveraging both technical and communication skills. Indeed, in the past years I also worked as content creator for Ansa.it, the leading Italian press agency, and on Youtube, building excellent communication and team work skills.

Research new!

In this section you will find my research projects in Deep Learning field. I started my experience with AI and especially Deep Learning during last year, without any prior knowledge of the subject, for my bachelor thesis project. My thesis work continued in the form of a scientific publication accepted at CARE2020 workshop held during ICPR2020 main conference.

Fall Detection Scientific Publication

Fall Detection

Machine Learning

Real-time remote Fall detection using Deep Neural Networks.


During my third year of University I attended many interesting courses, which introduced me to the most creative fields of programming.
Here is a selection of the most interesting personal projects and exam projects i worked on during that year.

Hover on the images to show info about the projects, or click them to view the dedicated page!

Particles Smoke

Creative Computing

Smoke expansion animation made hiding the particles and drawing a semi-transparent background.

Simom's Trash

Game Programming

Android game made in Lua using Solar2D (ex Corona SDK).
The theme for the project was the environmental issue.

3D Perlin Noise

Creative Computing

3D Perlin Noise visualization i made to better understand how perlin noise works in three dimensions.

Past works

Here you can find a selection of the best videos i produced during my work as tech reviewer for Prophecy Tech.
I had the pleasure to work with some of the top brands in the gaming hardware industry, such as Razer, Intel, Corsair, Gigabyte and to attend international events like Computex 2018.

Razer Phone Review

Video in collaboration with Razer Italy. I had the pleasure to be the first italian gaming hardware reviewer to check out Razer's first smartphone.

Computex 2018 coverage

My second international event as a tech reporter. This time in Taipei on Gigabyte's invitation. I attended Computex 2018 and covered the most recent tech releases.

The most viewed

An introductory video for all the guys who just bought their first gaming rig. By choosing a topic which could intrigue a broad audience and provide helpful information at the same time, i turned a simple idea in a video watched by hundreds of thousands of people.